The API’s current version = v0.

Version v0 is a stable version, ready for public use. The documentation related to this version is still under construction and might therefore grow or change in the near future. Bugfixes or other changes on version v0 will lead be processed in small version updates. Backward compatibility with previous v0 versions is guaranteed. The version number in the url of the API, currently v0, will not change as a result of these small changes.

Version v0 does not yet contain all core data services and documentation relevant for optimal data gathering. Version v1 which will replace version v0 should largely fill this gap. Naturalis strives to make this higher version backwards compatible with version v0. If backwards compatiblity can not be reached version v0 will be serviced at least half a year after version v1 has been released.

Naturalis reserves the right to deviate from the above text and/or to limit access to the API in case security issues arise or incorrect usage of the API.