Quick startΒΆ

Each specimen PURL follows this general form:

http://data.biodiversitydata.nl/{name of data owner organisation or institute}/{object type}/{unitID}

Currently, the PURL specimen service serves solely Naturalis specimen data, therefore the available {name of data owner organisation or institute name} = naturalis and the available {object type} = specimen resulting in the Naturalis specimen PURL general form:


Each specimen PURL request returns specimen data default in a text/html formatted document on a Naturalis Bioportal detail page.

Content type: text/html, an example


Through content negotiation more content types of a specimen can be requested for.

Requested content types PURL resolves to ..
application/json a Netherlands Biodiversity API response
image/jpeg a Naturalis Media Library response
video/mp4 a Naturalis Media Library response
text/html (default) a Naturalis Bioportal Detail Page response

Content type: application/json, an example


Content type: image/jpeg, an example


Content type: video/mp4, an example